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Contra Costa County 100% Healthy Vending Policy

In 2010, CCHS Director Dr. William Walker approved a policy mandating 100% of items in all snack and beverage vending machines on CCHS property meet stated nutrition standards. To implement this policy, CCHS is contracting with vendors who are committed to work exclusively on Health Services sites and adhere to the provisions in the 100% healthful vending policy.


Contra Costa Health Services (CCHS) is committed to supporting the health of its staff and members of the public who use our Regional Medical Center, clinics and offices. In our role as a public health agency, we are committed to reducing risk factors that cause serious health problems. CCHS is particularly concerned with the impact that overweight and obesity have on people's health. Overweight and obesity are some of today's leading risk factors for a range of health problems that include heart disease, type 2 diabetes, some cancers, high blood pressure, stroke, liver disease, respiratory problems and other conditions. Reports reveal that 48% of children who come to CCHS for a well -child visit are either overweight or obese.

Part of the solution to preventing and reducing rates of obesity is providing an environment that supports healthy eating. CCHS is creating a healthier environment in our Regional Medical Center, clinics and offices by "Making the Healthier Choice the Easy Choice" requiring 100% of items in vending machines on CCHS properties to meet specific nutrition standards. This policy will help create an environment that protects the health of our patients, staff and visitors and reduces their risk for the health problems associated with overweight and obesity.


CCHS would like to acknowledge the Contra Costa Board of Supervisors for their support to adopt a 100% healthy vending machine policy in Contra Costa County. CCHS would also like to thank the County General Services Department for providing ongoing technical assistance and support in the development and implementation of the new policy.


Funding to conduct taste tasting events throughout the county was made possible by a grant from Kaiser Permanente and Healthy and Active Before 5.

Taste Tasting Event

 Podcast: Our New Healthful Snacks Vending Policy [read transcript | play the audio (MP3)]

 by William Walker, MD
 Director, Contra Costa Health Services