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Violence Prevention Program

The Violence Prevention Program uses a public health approach to prevent and reduce gun violence in Contra Costa County by providing high-risk populations with social support and services informed by evidence-based practices and equity principles. The program, established in October 2022, was made possible through a three-year grant from the U.S. Department of Justice Community-Based Violence Intervention and Prevention Initiative.

The Violence Prevention Program is partnering with community stakeholders to develop a Gun Violence Reduction Strategic Plan for the county. The plan will focus on developing social-emotional learning programs for at-risk youth, building workforce development opportunities and career paths, and working with communities to improve the physical environment, neighborhood appearance and community engagement.

Currently, the program is working with the nonprofit consultant on a landscape analysis of the county's existing violence prevention efforts.

Gun Violence Prevention Coalition

The Gun Violence Prevention Coalition is a diverse, community and multi-agency-driven collaborative supported by Contra Costa Health’s Violence Prevention Program. The Coalition seeks to increase collaboration among residents, community partners, and agencies who are interested in and are actively involved in reducing gun violence and advancing gun-violence prevention policies. The Coalition’s goal is to prevent and reduce the incidence of gun violence and its associated negative community and health impacts.


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Contra Costa County Violence Prevention Program
2500 Bates Ave. Suite B Concord CA. 94520
Program Manager: Hisham Alibob