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The Interview Day –
The Thousand Days of Residency

We're so glad you are interested in our Residency program here at Contra Costa Regional Medical Center. We're enormously proud of our program and the progress we've made — even in the past few years — in attracting the best medical students from across the country to take care of our amazing and diverse patients.

We've added to our website since Covid will probably prevent you from visiting us. We hope our video clips ("The Thousand Days of Residency") will provide you with the equivalent introduction to our people, our programs, our facilities and our patient care that you would gain if you came to interview. It's a tall order, but we've gathered short interviews with some of our amazing people. Please excuse the rough edges, as we adapt (successfully we think) to a pandemic-influenced world.

You can move freely around the collection of videos as you wish, but there is a natural path from start to finish, especially on your first visit to the collection. From "Pre-Arrival" through some career choices after graduation, it roughly follows the Thousand Days of Residency.

First, an introduction to our program by Brian Johnson, MD - the Director of the Residency program.

Please contact us so that we can get to know you as well and we can judge together whether this awesome program is right for the amazing and unique you.

Year One
Year Two
Year Three
Beyond CCRMC

  • Before you come to Contra Costa

    It's likely that you don't know what CCRMC is all about — but you're here because you want to know more. We think that the best people to help you understand the strengths of CCRMC and whether the program is a good fit for you are our Residents and Attendings. Listen to their stories and observe their engagement (through their masks).

  • Year One

    Most begin residency with some self-doubt, not knowing if we will good enough doctors – we question whether we will be able to drink from the firehose of knowledge and experience. By the end of a year at Contra Costa though, you will find that there is a structure to support you and that, in fact, you can and will support others.

  • Year Two

    Most of us enter the second year of Residency wondering if we can manage the volume of work, of patients, of charting and of learning. By the end of your second year at Contra Costa, however, you can do your work, take care of sick and well patients, contribute to the team and even enjoy yourself (while keeping a social distance, of course).

  • Year Three

    As most of us enter the third year of Residency, we're more confident about our clinical knowledge, but less certain about our leadership skills, since they have yet to be tested. Since teaching and leading are critical to being a physician, your third year at Contra Costa will teach you how to manage the unmanageable -- calmly and impactfully. You will graduate ready to contribute to the world.

  • Beyond CCRMC

    We want you to be a good fit for us, but we also really want to make sure that we are a good fit for you! That's why we've created this series of videos - so you really get to understand what we're all about at Contra Costa. After your virtual interview day, we will do a holistic review of your application that values your commitment to the underserved and the diversity that you bring. We know this will be a different year, but we look forward to refining the process with you and making your career reflect the best that you and we can be.