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Wellness Core Team Members

Priscilla Aguirre (Olivas)

Being reminded of who I belong too and where my identify comes from. Sharing grace towards others and towards myself. Appreciating what I have and how far I have come.

Amanda Dold

Practicing daily gratitude is a key element to my well-being!

Dr. Patty Hennigan

I find wellness in connecting with people, hiking in nature, eating nutritious foods, and reading a good book.

Dr. Brian M. Johnson

I find support in my relationships and my personal passions. Family and friends are my community backbone. Being in the outdoors and my meditation practice are my passions. I find where I focus my energy shifts depending on what's happening in my life, but these are the areas I always return to.

Renee Malsom

The past year has been all about family and travel. I am blessed to have so many relatives in various places in the nation that I can visit. Also, when they come to Concord to visit, sometimes we hit the road for a day trip to check out sights, like Yosemite, or Lake Tahoe. I find each location simply amazing in all its glory.

Helena Martey

By identifying the least important thing that matters, I discovered how quickly I can let go of things that I have absolutely no control over.

Dr. Kristin Moeller

Physical activity has been my life preserver during Covid. Taking a walk or a stretch, turning in to yoga on Zoom or an evening walk with my family have all made a difference.

Dr. Samir Shah

Resilience and flexibility are so important in managing my anxiety and stress. One method that brings me joy in clinic is to ask every patient the same opinion-based question for the day. The social dialogue always makes me feel grateful for what I'm privileged to experience.

Dr. Alan Siegel

We all need to look out for each other as we recover from the last few years. Figure out your own formula for wellness - get out and be active in nature, develop your creative self, try a daily dose of mindfulness, and continue to be generous.

Dr. Sonia Sutherland

Feeling BUSY…BREATHE. UNDERSTAND that self-care is great care. STAY connected. YOU matter. Wishing you wellness!

Arlene Trimble

As a grateful content creator for our amazing wellness influencers and community, I compassionately remind myself to level-up my mindfulness journey towards self-agency, authenticity, and social curiosity.

Emily Warming

I ride my bike to work as an act of self-care. My active commute boosts my physical activity, mental health, and sense of connection to the natural world. It feels good to move my body, save money, and reduce my carbon footprint.

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