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Wellness Gallery

Dr. Greta Perez
"Happy Relaxing Vibes!"

Rosemarie Velez-Gonzalez
"I had wanted to go back to creating art. Then the pandemic hit and I had trouble sleeping. Instead of tossing and turning in bed I began to paint until I was tired."

Clarine Wong
"Plants add color and calming feeling to an area."

Clarine Wong
"For those who might consider going back to school, DVC offers great art classes. The large blue and white ceramic plates were created in DVC's electric kilns."

Gabriela Sullivan, MD
"I have been painting on and off for years. I am self-taught and have just been plugging away over time, hopefully, getting better. It is very meditative for me and I can sit for hours at a time, painting. I recently completed a portrait of a nurse in Italy during the pandemic from a photograph I saw. It is an honor to be a healthcare worker in this times and I believe I captured the reverence with which I hold my colleagues."

Nyasha Jones
"Complicated is a final process. Everything starts with step one, if we can get from step to step, even the most complex thing can be made easy. Life is like that too. Take it a step at a time."

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